Our Vision

Our artificial intelligence will run on-board robots that are a large and essential part of tomorrow’s workforce, using intuition and creativity to solve complex and diverse problems without any human input.

We want to change robots from solving well defined portions of a puzzle to being able to solve the whole thing; from being tools for a workforce to being a workforce of their own.

Our Approach

Today’s artificial intelligence is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It relies on mathematical models to understand the world, and programmer defined logic to interact with it. This approach makes autonomy and intelligence an impossibly complex problem, prone to the errors and shortcomings of human design.

At aeiou we are taking a radically different approach. We use biologically inspired neural networks for perception and complex decision making, and analytical methods as watchdogs for reliability and robustness. Instead of defining the solution we define the problem, and let our AI learn how to solve it.