Companion Computers

Dawn is not picky about what hardware you use. Generally speaking, any linux based OS should be capable of running Dawn. That being said, the Dawn features you can run and to what degree you can run them will directly depend on the capabilities of the hardware you are using. As we continue our testing we will populate this page with benchmarks for Dawn features across various companion computers. If you have a companion computer in mind you would like to see bench-marked, let us know.

For reference, a Raspberry PI 3 with an Intel Neural Compute Stick (NCS) 2 is capable of running Dawn with the exception of aircraft awareness. An Nvidia TX1 is required to run Dawn along with aircraft detection. 



Dawn relies on cameras to interpret the world. Cameras connected to Dawn can do multiple things at once. For example, a stereo camera used to gather depth information can also be used to detect aircraft and specific objects. 

There is no theoretical limit to how many cameras Dawn can handle. That being said, there are many practical limitations. Bandwidth is one of the major ones, as is processing power. Dawn is compatible with all major camera data streams.

The minimum requirement for Dawn is just a single monocular camera, though for fast and robust obstacle avoidance at least one stereo camera is recommended.

Computationally, a Raspberry PI 3 with an Intel NCS 2 is capable of supporting a stereo and monocular camera simultaneously.