True autonomy.

Inspired by biology.




Dawn lets your drone[s]

Avoid Obstacles

Dawn uses deep learning based vision techniques to extract depth information from cameras. This depth information is then used by Dawn's navigation neural networks to autonomously avoid obstacles even in cluttered, unstructured environments at high speeds.






Monitor Aircraft

Dawn can use a series of cameras in combination with machine learning to provide up to a full 360° awareness of non participating aircraft.






and Understand their Environment.

Dawn's onboard AI can identify objects in real time -  even in use cases where machine learning traditionally struggles. Detections can be used in conjunction with Dawn's API to easily achieve extremely intelligent and contextually aware operations like object tracking or automated inspection. Using our developer tools Dawn's state of the art neural networks can easily be trained to recognize whatever you need, no AI expertise required. 





Dawn is ready to power your massively diverse operations


High Level API

A high level API runs on top of Dawn - allowing you to build simple Apps to complete even the most complex and context dependent operations fully autonomously.




Simulation Engine 

Test your apps before deploying them on hardware using our flexible simulation engine. Our simulator is built in Unreal Engine, making it easy to add your own objects and scenarios.




Built In Open Source Apps

Dawn comes ready to fly with open source apps for delivery, survey, security and assisted flight to help you get started in development or deliver a ready to run platform.




Flexible Hardware

Dawn can comfortably run on many embedded hardware platforms. Depending on what features you need Dawn can be run on everything from an Nvidia TX1 to custom embedded computers. 




Autopilot Agnostic

Dawn functions out of the box with any autopilot that runs a serial interface with MAVLink protocol. Don't run MAVLink? No problem, the Dawn API allows you to modify the way Dawn interfaces with your flight controller easily.  




Let's build something together.


Become an Early Adopter

Become an early adopter today and get early access to the Dawn API, free consulting, and one on one support. Early adopters will also get access to our closed beta, as well as be the first to offer our platform commercially.