Dawn Applications

Adding Dawn to your drone instantly gives your UAS collision avoidance, and with the addition of Apps Dawn’s AI can be leveraged to achieve almost anything.


Apps Being Developed In-House

The following apps for Dawn are available free of charge:

  • Automated General Mission

  • Automated Security

  • Object Tracking

  • Follow Me


Developing Your Own Apps

App Development with Dawn is designed to be easy. We package Dawn with a simple Unreal Engine based simulator that makes developing and testing your Apps effortless.


Dawn’s API is written in Python, and is easy to get started with. The API gives you access to simple but powerful Dawn instructions that enable everything from point to point navigation to object tracking.

Custom Object Detection

Dawn also gives you full access to our Deep Learning based object detection models in Tensorflow. With some Tensorflow experience it is easy to train Dawn’s networks to reliably identify new objects with as little as a hundred sample images.

The App-Store

aeiou also makes it easy to sell your work using our App-Store. Apps you develop are submitted to our review team, and if they pass are open for purchase publicly. As a developer you get 97% of your app sales in perpetuity, and select your own pricing.